Ombre Hair Extensions and the Dip Dye Effect

It is often said that “a woman who’s planning to change her hair is about to change her life.” How many times are you currently stopped in your tracks on the sight of a good friend, your sister, or your mom running her fingers through newly trimmed or styled hair and wondered if she just experienced an important heartbreak,  she is switching careers, and is also therefore switching fashion sensibilities at the same time, or she is reinventing herself in light of the newfound perspective worldwide that inspired her to display a whole new, better side of herself?

The first hot trend that looks like it’s sticking around from last year could be the “Ombre” or “Balayage” highlight technique.  What does “Ombre” mean? Well, this is a French term meaning shaded or shading. Ombre hair extensions and colour technique is when the hair starts at a dark color with the roots and gradually gets lighter in the ends. This is an exaggerated style designed to mimic without having side effects hair color fades as it grows out because of exposure. This hair color method is also known as “Balayage” which another French term is meaning to sweep. This is used as the color is applied in a very technique where it is brushed on through the stylist can be a non structured process.

When the ombre trend first arrived, it had been rather extreme. Frankly, I believe the popularity occurred simply because a celeb, or two, got caught in a photograph using dark roots showing. A photographer probably quickly snapped an attempt with this ‘ also it simply caught on. I think Sarah Jessica Parker was website way, made use of in their own ‘Sex as well as the City’ days. The trend caught on, and became extreme, with women wearing super dark roots and super blonde mid lengths and ends.

Step one: Prepare your color by using the instructions on the hair dye. Next, delay flowing hair and through the bottom up begin painting about the color by using the dye brush. Stop applying color about a inch or two from where your scalp is. Don’t worry if the color is applied completely evenly, this is a look which will appear natural and sun kissed.

What’s occurring now, along with with a lot of trends, can be a softened, refined version from the ombre for Fall 2013. Whether you’re blonde, brunette, or perhaps red, this is actually the color trend that’s hot for fall. A deeper base/root color, however with a gradual lightening from the hair with soft highlights strategically placed several inches from the scalp. Essentially, the highlights merge softly.


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