Ombre Hair Extensions- a trendy way to styling your hair

Ombre hair is basically a hairstyle which is one of the hottest hair trends today. There are lots of celebrities have found on the red carpet with this trendiest hair style, including Jennifer Hudson, Raven Symone and Nicki Minaj. Fashion conscious ladies enjoy this style very much as it is attractive and gorgeous, and maintenance must be very minimal. This is really a trendy way of styling hair where two or more colours will be blended into each other in this style. The word “Ombre “origins of French words. You may observe this hair style on your TV screens or glossy magazines as many celebrities today are promoting this style.

The most effective method to do Ombre Hair

Ombre hair provides a sophisticated look and also maintaining a fashionable edge. When selecting this hair style, the first thing you have to do, that choose a color which blend perfectly well with your natural hair color. For example, the color of your natural hair is black, through this hair style you can easily get lighter browns, reds or other various hair colors .

After opting the Ombre hair color, you’ll need to decide where your natural hair and dyed hair will blend. As a normal rule, the lower area of the hair is safest area where the two colors are blended perfectly. If you blend this two color on the high of your head that might provide the appearance of roots which haven’t been touched up. Most of people try to meet these two hair shed at the jaw line.

In next step you have to prepare your bleach, it is a proper step if you want to change your natural hair color. Before getting the bleach, make sure to take all precautions and must wear gloves during that time. Most of the hair experts suggest to utilize 20 volume bleach. If you’ve mixed the bleach into the cream, place it separately. After that try to divide your hair into few sections, pinning it off whatever is left of your hair.

Utilizing Hair Extensions to Stay

Always try to use an application brush, to apply the bleach in to your hair from the beginning to the ends. Apply it very carefully, so take your time while doing it. Try to separate the hair into small section while applying the bleach to ensure that total hair are coated perfectly. If you desire to apply the second coating, you have to wait for finishing the first coat. And it is true that after two coats you can get your expected hair color. It can create a very soft border between the dark and light shades, so obviously the roots develop in less. In Ombre hair, a particular haire style is maintained that can make you more gorgeous.
After applying the bleach, you have to leave it for 30-45 minutes or more, it is totally depending on your natural hair color. If you want a bold change, you ought to allow it to stay longer. If your natural color has been removed completely, next wash out the bleach perfectly. To clean the hair. Always try to use warm water and a mild shampoo for washing the hair. Do not forget to use high-quality deep conditioner or get hot oil treatment to give the hair proper nutrients. This is the perfect step to get this hottest hair style.